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Hello followers and strangers !
It's been a while seen I've been here
or even visited for that matter.
This whole time I've been gone
its been:
Over worked!
Over stressed!
Over messed!
Over... bleh!!

There might have been a point
where I even pulled my hair over it all!
Do I sound a bit crazy?

No matter! I am now back!
I have kept myself alive with photography,
and sometimes, with those picture, I used them
to draw for practiced or to draw over them
and "modify" them, or just plain get an idea on them!
Ideas can come from anywhere, can they?

Well, all in all, I'm happy to me back in Deviantart!
and remember the wonderful times spend working hard for it!

~~Look Forward To My
   Weekly Submits/Updates
On My Work or Achivements! ;) ~~
  • Listening to: ColdPlay and The Cranberries
  • Reading: City of Bones
  • Drinking: Water
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Submitted on
April 11, 2012


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